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Welcome to the Agile in Business 2015 Community

Thought Leader Program

To cater to its mission to "Develop Professionals, Create Global Executives, Enrich Organization" Unicom has launched "UNICOM Thought leader(s)" Programme to provide a platform for enthusiastic professionals where they can groom themselves as future thought leaders of India on Agile.

Unicom is organizing Thought Leadership Programmes and Conferences on the following :
1. Software Testing
2. Agile
3. Quality
4. Cloud
5. Big Data
6. Internet of Things
7. DevOps

Once selected, the 'Thought Leader(s)' will be provided with -
1. Gift Voucher of UNICOM Conference Worth Rs 5000
2. Mentor sessions to identify growth areas in Agile Software development and managment, aligning with their current role and project.
3. Encouragement to bring a new technique/tools/process change, etc in your current project to the delight of your team management, customers and peers.
4. Encouragement to bring out a white paper (2 pages) on any idea you wish to execute and execute it, experience it, share that experience report and seek opinions on it.
5. Opportunity to attend our future conferences at minimal cost and be a part of organising committee of UNICOM Conference in Agile.
6. Platform to share ideas and highlight industry trends
7. Possibility to network and connect with Global Thought Leaders/Industry Stalwarts.
8. After 1 year, we would be assessing your contribution towards your company, industry and community. The person whose contribution is judged as outstanding would be hailed as the best and would win this program.
9. Winner will be awarded with Rs 20,000(in cheque) and a Trophy. We would be sending this prize to the CEO of your organisation to honour your outstanding contribution in the field of Agile Methodology. We would also be facilitating you at our conference.

Who is Eligible?

Any professional in India who has attended conference organized or supported by UNICOM

How to Apply?

Send us a Statement of Purpose to contact@unicomlearning.com with following thoughts in not more than 100 words for each of the following-
[1] Why I want to be a 'Thought Leader' in Agile?
[2] What I intend to do in next 12 months?
[3] Why UNICOM's Thought Leadership program attracted me?

Application Process

1. Submit Statement of Purpose.
2. UNICOM will shortlist the candidate and will organize a webinar with all the shortlisted candidates
3. UNICOM will then announce the winner(s)
4. Incentives will be rewarded.
5. Action item will be set up with the "Thought Leader(s)"
6. Each 'Thought Leader' of one area will be tracking progress of 'Thought Leader' of another area

How many 'Thought Leaders' will be selected?

UNICOM will be selecting 2-3 'Thought Leaders' on each topic and not necessarily from one city.

For more information, please send us an email on contact@unicomlearning.com