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We are happy to announce India's largest Agile event, which is 'India Agile Week 2015', This will showcase series of Agile Conferences & Workshops

Theme:  "Scaling Agile, DevOps, UXUI Design & Innovation Games"

With respect to the theme, We would like you to participate & Submit Whitepapers / Research Findings with Case studies for presentations at India Agile Week 2015 & get a chance to present at India's Largest Agile event

Propose your Champion Agile Practitioner to be the Keynote at Agile In Business Conference

Please find suggested topics related to the theme of the conference; kindly use the online form to submit your paper.

Topics of interest:

Managerial Track
  • Scaling Agile for Program Portfolio Management
  • Top 5 Agile failure stories
  • Why Agile is struggling in India?
  • How can you customise agile in your project
  • Working with free tools to manage Agile better
  • How to become an Agile Coach
  • Is scrum really killing Agile?
  • Innovation Games in Agile
  • Lean Startup – Why, How and How not to
  • Agile Values revisited for India
  • User Stories and Story mapping demystified
  • Kanban and Lean for startups
  • Negotiating contracts for Agile projects
  • Devops – The 4 important pillars
  • Agile metrics and the deadly sins of Agile measurement
  • Path to Business Agility; Rapidly Adapting to changing Customer needs and Market Conditions
  • Improving decision making in your Agile team
  • Lean - Agile: Why we need it
  • The case for an Agile legal team
  • Lean Start-up for Project Managers
Technical Track
  • Design, architecture, refactoring and CI
  • Testing overview and background for TDD
  • Enabling practices of XP and simple design
  • Best practices for Collaboration within team
  • Best practices for Collaboration between team and customer(PO)
  • TDD in relation to Scrum and XP
  • Making Agile work for Technical Documentation
  • Agile in Design
  • Continuous Deployment – The 7 important aspects
  • Mind mapping techniques
  • Refactoring to patterns.
  • Regulatory Compliant Product Development in Agile
  • Exploratory Testing in an Agile environment
  • Gaming Agile development practices for profit and fun
  • Building Your Own Agile Process

Note: In general we value technical and practical presentations (e.g. supported by demos) more than theoretical ones (theoretical proposals will be evaluated only if really innovative). Moreover we prefer “agile-oriented” papers. For some topics such as “Tools for Agile Implementation”; only proposals with demos will be considered.


There shall be no financial remuneration.

  • Acknowledgement by the industry.
  • Projection of yourself as a thought leader in respective community.
  • Identification of your company excelling in Agile Implementation.
  • Certificate for Speaking will be provided along with a Momento.
  • Networking opportunity with the best in the industry.
  • International recognition.
  • Your name and profile will be featured on our website.
  • We will also be conducting an aggressive PR and Social Media campaign, designed to increase interest in the conference and your presentation
  • Your session information will be part of the printed Official Conference Guide and Mobile Conference Guide.
  • In addition, your name, biography, and session description will be available online.